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 -  -  Video Production  -  -

Full video production is available, from simple photo slideshows to full commercial video production.

We can provide business promotional videos, professional voiceovers, original musical scores and professional graphic overlays.

For specific pricing, please contact us.  Whether you have a complete concept in mind, or just an idea that we can help expand on, we can help create a high quality product you will be proud of.

  -  -  Aerial Video and Photography Pricing  -  -                  Additional Information PacketDownload

$50 - Single Target  - Includes multiple images / short sections of video at several altitudes and slight angle differences of a single target such as a large group photo, business front, construction site etc.

$65 - Multi-Perspective Property  - Includes Multiple images / short sections of video at several altitudes from multiple angles such as front / rear or multiple corners of a building, business or site.

$80 - Fly-Over / Fly-Bye  - Includes at approximately 30 minutes of video of a business, property or site at several altitudes, angles and directions of fly-over.

$120 - Wedding / Party / Group Function  - Includes approximately 30 minutes of video / images spread over a maximum of 2 hours.

INDOOR FLIGHT IS POSSIBLE!  Please contact us for details.